Where is this guy?

Twitter I'm on Twitter a lot and sometimes I say things there.
Goodreads I read a lot and I record the activity on Goodreads. I also have attempted to identify a lot of what I read in the pre-Goodreads era.
GitHub" I use Github for some things. Mostly work, which is in private repo you can't view.
Wikipedia I've edited Wikipedia in over a dozen languages (mostly for interwiki links), but most of my user pages are gone, it seems. The english one persists.
Linked In I don't really use LinkedIn, but I have a profile.
Everything 2 I used to use E2 (and E1) a lot. Now I don't much. But a minority of what I wrote persists.
Flickr I posted some pictures on Flickr back in the day.
Reddit I'm an occasional Redditer.
Tumblr I was a bit of a Tumblpoo, or whatever the term is.

I have a catch-all email for this domain, so you can email me here. Or maybe DM me on Twitter.